Using Lidar to Create Models for AR and VR Experiences

Some objects can be harder to model quickly for the purpose of web-based AR.

Newer Apple products now have Lidar capabilites that use light to pick up range measurements.

For example, there is an app called Polycam that allows you to walk around an object to create a 3D model.

Below is an image of a scanned couch using the Polycam. The couch is placed into a web-based AR/VR experience.

Simply download the app. Start the scan and walk around. Once you are done scanning, simply hit process and export the model as a free glb.

The next thing is to clean up the scan to remove any unwanted points that are picked up during the scanning process. This can be done via any software, such as Blender. Simple make your selection as points instead of faces and delete the unwanted surfaces.

You can then export and bring the model into things like Glitch, Aero, or Sketchfab for AR experiences.