How to Open a WebXR Project with a Quest Plugged into PC?

1. Plug the headset into the computer

2. When the "allow access to data" window pops out, click "deny". If you accidentally click "allow", restart the headset

3.When the "enable Oculus link" window pops up, click "enable"

4.Open SteamVR, make sure the headset and both controllers are connnected

Open Chrome browser. Open the WebXR project and click the VR button to enter VR mode (Chrome browser needs to be opened AFTER steamVR is opened)


If you want to quit the experience, don't use the "quit" button in the headset. If you use the "quit" button in the headset, it won't be able to quit the current XR session. Instead, close or refresh the browser or simply put the headset down. When the VR button appears again, it means that you've quit the session.