Adobe Aero

Adobe Aero is a an application that can be installed on Windows and Mac to create immersive AR experiences. It can even be downloaded on an iPad via the App Store and built through the application.

For those starting with AR for the first time, this is a super easy way to learn as no coding is required. The application allows you to load in your own objects or select from a series of model presets. There are default settings that allow you to set up animations, AR placements, and interactions.

Pros of using Adobe Aero are that is is super simple. It has great tracking when you move your camera, walk around the object, or even turn away and come back to the object. Aero is one of the easiest to set up an AR experience in a space. Simply tap a surface to place it. It also provides shadows for the AR objects, so that your project sits more realistically in the space.

Cons of using Adobe Aero are it is only compatible with iOS devices. If you are looking to create an experience for Android phones, this is not the direction for you. In addition, Aero experiences are shared via QR codes that are only able to be opened via the Adobe Aero app (which is free to install and use).