How to get USDZ Files using Apple Reality Converter?

1. Download the Apple Reality Converter by going to:

2. Once downloaded, you can open the application window

3. Drop in either an obj, gltf/glb, or fbx *

-note: for FBX, you must download the Autodesk FBX SDK:

4. Drag your model into the window - at this point it will say it is converting. After a few minutes, it will give you a converted model to USDZ

5. If you hit the icon on the very right corner, it will open up a panel that allows you to edit and make changes to lighting

-you will also be able to open up emmisive, metallic, roughness, etc. if your model has it

6. To save your USDZ, hit the download arrow on the left side of the tool bar. From there, you can pick where to export