How to set up a CSV file on WikiData?

1. link takes you to where you will build CSV files

2. Click on Query Builder. You will need to add items to the Query for the search

a.You have to know the property of your topic, which can be found in Wikipages

b.To find the query items, click on Wikidata located on the left side

3.After selecting properties, go into Query and list. Make sure you properly type and select each item

4.To get CSV click on Edit SPARQLE , which appears by hovering over the right side of your results list

5.To add additional properties to CSV, find the pop-up on the right side of results list

-Choose “edit visually”

-Add a new property using “+ Show” (I just did place of birth and date of birth on a list of SciFi writers)

-Then choose “Edit SPARQL” from that same right-side popup

6.Hit the big blue PLAY triangle button to generate the results list below code: should see the extra properties there

7.Hit “download” and choose CSV, you should see the extra properties in your file