Mary E. Beckman -- Downloadable papers

[Also see the papers and presentations on phonological acquisition at the paidologos project site and the learning2talk site.]

Takada, Mieko, Eun Jong Kong, Kiyoko Yoneyama, & Mary E. Beckman (2016). Do pitch and voice quality cue word-initial "voicing" in Tohoku Japanese? Poster presented at the 24th Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference, NINJAL, 12-15 October. [pdf of poster]

Plummer, Andrew R., & Mary E. Beckman (2016). Sharing speech synthesis software for research and education within low-tech and low-resource communities. Proceedings of Interspeech 2016, pp. 1618-1622. [abstract and pdf of paper]

Beckman, Mary E. (2015). The emergence of compositional structure in language evolution and development. ISCA Medalist Keynote at Interspeech 2015. link to video

Beckman, Mary E., Eun Jong Kong, Fangfang Li, & Jan Edwards (2014). Aligning the timelines of phonological acquisition and change. In Mary Stevens & Jonathan Harrington, eds., Special issue of Laboratory Phonology containing selected papers from the 2nd Workshop on Sound Change. [link to open access article on the Mouton site]

Beckman, Mary E., & Andrew R. Plummer (2013). Prerequisites for computational models of the early emergence of phonological categories. Institute of Linguistics of National Chung Cheng University, 15 March 2013. [pdf of slides]

Beckman, Mary E. (2013). Cross-language perspectives on the interplay between phonological development and phonological change. Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, National Chiao Tung University / Graduate Institute of Foreign Literatures and Linguistics, 12 March 2013. [pdf of slides]

Beckman, Mary E. (2012). Cross-language perspectives on the interaction between production and perception in phonological acquisition. The 26th Annual Convention of the Phonetic Society of Japan, 30 September 2012. [pdf of slides and zip file of embedded wave files]

Beckman, Mary E. (2012). Phonological development in the midst of phonological change. NINJAL Colloquia Series, No. 27, 26 September 2012. [pdf of slides and zip file of embedded wave files]

Beckman, Mary E., & Jennifer J. Venditti (2011). Intonation. In John A. Goldsmith, Jason Riggle, & Alan C. L. Yu, eds., Handbook of Phonological Theory, 2nd ed., Blackwell. [PDF of review copy] [audio files]

Venditti, Jennifer J., Kikuo Maekawa, & Mary E. Beckman (2008). Prominence marking in the Japanese intonation system. In Shigeru Miyagawa & Mamoru Saito, eds., pp. 456-512. Handbook of Japanese Linguistics. Oxford University Press. [PDF of preprint and wav files]

Beckman, Mary E. (2006). Tone inventories and tune-text alignments. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Pidgin and Creole Linguistics, Albuquerque, 6-7 January 2006. [PDF of handout and wav files]

Beckman, Mary E., Julia Hirschberg, & Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel (2005). The original ToBI system and the evolution of the ToBI framework. In S.-A. Jun (ed.) Prosodic Typology -- The Phonology of Intonation and Phrasing. [preprint]

Beckman, Mary E. (2003). Input representations (inside the mind and out). In G. Garding & M. Tsujimura, eds., WCCFL22, pp. 70-94. Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Press. [directory containing review draft of paper and associated sound files]

Peng, Shu-hui, & Mary E. Beckman (2003). Annotation conventions and corpus design in the investigation of spontaneous speech prosody in Taiwanese. Proceedings of Spontaneous Speech Processing Processing and Recognition Workshop, Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Wong, Wai Yi Peggy, Chris Brew, Mary E. Beckman, Mary E., & Shui-duan Chan (2002). Using the Segmentation Corpus to define an inventory of concatenative units for speech synthesis. Proceedings of the First SIGHAN Workshop on Chinese Language Processing, pp. 119-123. Taipei, Taiwan: Academia Sinica.

Yoon, Kyuchul, Chris Brew, & Mary E. Beckman (2002). Letter-to-Sound rules for Korean. IEEE Workshop on Speech Synthesis, 11-13 September 2002, Santa Monica, California

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Cassidy, Stephen, Pauline Welby, Julia McGory, & Mary E. Beckman (2000). Testing the adequacy of query languages against annotated spoken dialog. Proceedings of the 8th Australian International Conference on Speech Science and Technology, pp. 428-433. Canberra: Australian National University.

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Hay, Jen, Janet B. Pierrehumbert, & Mary E. Beckman (2003) Speech Perception, Well-Formedness, and the Statistics of the Lexicon, Papers in Laboratory Phonology VI, pp. 58-74. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge UK.

Beckman, Mary E., Kiyoko Yoneyama, & Jan Edwards (2003). Language-specific and language-universal aspects of lingual obstruent productions in Japanese-acquiring children. Journal of the Phonetic Society of Japan, 7, 18-28. [preprint]

Campbell, Nick, & Mary E. Beckman (1997). Stress, prominence, and spectral tilt. ESCA Workshop on Intonation: Theory, Models and Applications, pp. 67-70. Athens: University of Athens.

Erickson, Donna, Kiyoshi Honda, Hiroyuki Hirai, Mary E. Beckman, & Seiji Niimi (1994). Global pitch range and the production of low tones in English intonation. ICSLP92, pp. 651-654. Yokohama.

Beckman, Mary E., & John Kingston (1990). Introduction. In John Kingston & Mary E. Beckman, eds., Papers in Laboratory Phonology 1: Between the grammar and the physics of speech. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

Beckman, Mary E. (1979). Kungana evidence for the number of phonemically distinct syllables in Old Japanese. Masters thesis, University of California, Berkeley. [Warning: this is 18649244 bytes! Many thanks to Jim Unger for scanning it.]