As a digital artist I have been fascinated by the opportunities of exploring movement via computer animation. In physical space movement cannot be seen apart from the form or the body it is driving. Therefore it is often viewed as a product of the form. In physical space it is the body that generates movement.

In the virtual space it is possible to create the movement without or prior to creating the body. Then it is the form that can now be based on the logic of the movement. This experience casts light on how movement determines the shape and its interaction with the environment.

"Rapidslow"( ~19MB) and "Benign Beings" are two abstract animations exploring shapes and creatures generated by movement programmed using the L-system language. This language was specifically designed to simulate growth of plants and their interaction with the environment. It is an attempt to imagine how movement evolved from "plantly" to "creaturely". Ultimately it is a search to understand how movement scultps body, space and sound.

Stills from Rapidslaw


More of L-systems


A few more shots from the test render of the system on the left.