Experimental Mocap projects are utilizing motion capture technology to generate form, drive non-human digital bodies and environments, explore the uses of medium in virtual dance choreography.


Current Projects

Landing/Place with Bebe Miller (updated 11/10/04)

"Near" with Norah Zuniga-Shaw ( coming soon)



Early works, tests, ideas

Space Between this is a small sketch, an idea of "interpreting" mocap data, that came to me after collaboration with Kareen Balsam on "When I am Little Again". The two movies that you'll see are same movement - one embodied in separate figures and another in a single object.

When I am Little Again project done in collaboration with dancer and choreographer Kareen Balsam, based on traditional use of motion capture to drive animated characters.

Fabric motion capture of fabric dragged across a pile of props. Used to reconstruct a terrain, animate terrain formation, and drive movement of a mocap run take.


Motion Capture in Art, Performance, and other interesting projects

Paul Kaiser

Marc Downie



Jen Zen

Maureen Furniss theoretical writing on mocap

Mocapers at ACCAD:

Brian Windsor

Heather Caprette

Charlotte Belland


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