Some of these motion capture driven animations are part of the Landing/Place performance. Some are standalone movies and are featured in "Visible Movement", collection of animations based on Bebe Miller Company motion capture data. Some represent sketches in the process of development Landing Place. Roll over the movie to display playback controls.

"Visible Movement" was featured at Dance Theater Workshop Gallery, NYC in December 2004 and MIT Museum, Boston MA in April-May 2005.

Clip 1

Solo by Kathleen Hermesdorf. Each marker drives a flock of animated birds.

Clip 2

Solo performance by Angie Hauser


Clip 3

The tree limbs are animated via motion capture of a solo performance on the left.

Clip 4

Darrel Jones is markered, others interact with him unmarkered



Clip 5

Driven by a "Cellular Automata" game played by two markered/two unmarkered dancers.

Clip 6

Five markered dancers in the game of cellular automata make a whole village move

Clip 7

A single milkweed seed is driven by full-body motion data of solo performance by Kathleen Hermesdorf.

Clip 8

Quartet of dancers. Each marker drives one string. Angie, Kathleen, David and Darrel.

Clip 9

A trio performance by Darrel, David and Karl Rogers.



Clip 10

Same trio as on the left, now looking through the virtual camera attached to a marker on one of performers' bodies.

Clip 11

In the two sequences below the form is generated as the markered hand of one person is tracing the body of another laying on the floor.


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