Constraints and Physical Properties in Motionbuilder

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Constraints are a convenient way to propogate movement throughout the scene to create reaction and complexity in scenic elements and help building a rig for puppeteering a model. Constraints work in realtime and can also help to plot motion from a recorded prop onto a virtual model or skeleton.

Position and Rotation Constraints

Three Point Constraint

Aim Constraint

Parent/Child Constraint:

Digital Tutors: Introduction to Motionbuilder 2013 - Lessons 23(Parent/Child Constraint)

Multireferential Constraint:

Multi Referential Constraint video by Logiciel Lumiere (starting ab 29:00)

Skeleton Root, Skeleton node and Chain IK Constraint

Physical Properties

Rigid Body and Joint tutorial

Additional References:

Basic Constraints from Buzz3d

Relation Constraint from Buzz3d

Expressions from Buzz3d

Constraints for a character from Buzz 3d

Examples are also available in



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