Course Title: Virtual Modeling
Course Number:
Arts Col 7001, 3 credits


Project 1: Low Poly Modeling
Proposal due on 09/12, Project 1 due on 09/21, extended to 09/28

1. Modeling options (choose one). NO transparent or reflective objects for this assignment please.

  • a single real life object of average complexity with some curvalinear elements (ie stylized character)
  • a composition of simpler objects (ie still life, environment, object consisting of multiple simpler surfaces) with 3-5 simpler real life objects placed or attached to a surface (floor, wall, etc)

2. All Construction History must be deleted. After laying out UVs all models must be triangulated. No model should exceed 1500 triangular faces.

3. Create a UV map(s) and image based texture(s) for 1 more complex or 2 simpler model(s) in your scene. Only ONE material per object is acceptable. All UV shells need to fit inside the 0-1 UV quadrant. Textures can be photo based and/or painted in Photoshop.

Proposal should be a document (Word,HTML, PDF, etc) that includes a basic sketch of the object/scene, cross contour drawing, and references for textures. Proposal document should be placed in Workspace/Courses/2017-2018/AC7001_VitaAU17/Project1/Proposals/your_username_folder Maya files and reference images should be placed in Workspace/Courses/2017-2018/AC7001_VitaAU17/Project1/your_username_folder/images

Project 1 Maya and Image Files should be placed in the folder:


Project 2: Digital Sculpting
Proposal due on October 19, Project 2 due on 10/26, extended to 10/31

1. Choose a real object or design an imaginary one.

2. Build a lo-rez model in Maya. Include a low-rez version when turning in this assignment.

3. Add detail with Mudbox. Present final model in Mudbox.

3. Stylize your model to show any of the following (or other): emotional/expressive state, passage of time, time period or artistic style. Create color map for your object.

Proposal: Front and side sketch of the object, reference images should be placed in Workspace/2017-2018/AC7001_VitaAU17/Project2/Proposals/your_username_folder Maya files and reference images should be placed in Workspace/Courses/2017-2018/AC7001_VitaAU17/Project2/your_username_folder

Project 2 Mudbox File should be placed in the folder:


Project 3: Photogrammetry and Retopology
Proposal due on 11/21, Project 3 due on 12/12 at 2pm

1. Pick one real object of medium to high complexity or two simpler objects. Avoid reflective, refractive and uniformly colored surfaces (ie glass, metal, single color plastic).

2. Create high resolution models using Zephyr. If the chosen object does not have a flat base, set your model on different sides and create multiple versions of the same object, but with different areas reconstructed.

3. Download the mesh and import it into Maya. Optimize the model by deleting unnecessary parts, smoothing out wavy surface and filling holes. Restore the entire object and missing features by combining several models and/or sculpting missing details in Mudbox.

4. Use Maya Modeling Kit tools or Mudbox to create a retopologized version of the model with color and surface detail.

5. Present your object in Maya or Mudbox or Unreal or Unity.

5. Bonus: create a simple environment to contextualize your object. Create additional features or qualities of the object's surface using Mudbox.

Proposal: Sketches, tutorials, links, references, should be placed in Workspace/Courses/2015-2016/AC7001_BerezinaBlackburn_AU2015/Project3/Proposals/your_username_folder

Project 3 Mudbox or Maya files (with image files) Maya AND Mudbox files and reference images should be placed in Workspace/Courses/2017-2018/AC7001_VitaAU17/Project3/your_name_folder. Please include the file of original captured model.

All materials must be turned in the appropriate Project folder at 12:45 pm on the due date. Turning your homework later same day will lower the grade by half a letter grade. With each next day one half letter grade is going to be deducted.