Walker in The Field - is a captured performance, a long cycle of pacing in a limited spatial volume, that contains multiple possibilities of incarnations as a short film, an installation, an element or a vignette. The most interesting thing about motion capture technology for me is its ability to isolate temporal patterns, therefore application of the same data set can change infinitely.

During collaborations with choreographer Bebe Miller I became very intrigued by her fascination with non-dancerly, casual movement and how looking at the captured and abstacted version of that movement brought out subtle intimate nuances of performer's character.

Shawn Hove (performance)
Albert Mathias (sound)

Optical motion capture (Vicon 8i), Maya, Motionbuilder.

motion based environment, form and camera driven by same movement; recurrence,shapeshifting, space/form of gesture, sculpting time, metaphor, transformation, (psych) state...



Walker in the Field as short film, final version 2012.

Walker in the Field from vita berezina-blackburn on Vimeo.


Winter '10

Room To Field

Playing some more with the idea of deriving different spaces/shapes/situations/camera movements from the same performance (progress documentation will be updated soon)