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Statistical Physics -- Winter 2012

Instructor: Prof. Eric Braaten
office: M2038 Physics Research Building
phone: 688-4228 (office)
email: braaten(AT)
office hours: MWF 10:30--12:00 pm, or by appointment, or just stop by and see if I am available

Textbook: Schroeder, Introduction to Thermal Physics

Lectures: Smith Lab 3094
MWRF 9:30--10:18 am

Problem sets will be assigned each week and due at the beginning of class on Monday.
The assigned problems will be posted on the course home page. (You are reading the course info page).
You are encouraged to work together to solve problems, but your solutions should be written up independently.
(Late homework will not be accepted unless agreed upon by the instructor before the due date.)

Quizzes: occasional, will be graded but grades will not be recorded

Extra credit: present preview of future homework problem, or present You-tube video related to statistical physics

1st midterm: ??day, Feb ??, 9:30am, Smith Lab 3094
2nd midterm: ??day, March ??, 9:30am, Smith Lab 3094
No final exam!

Homework [40%]
1st midterm exam [30%]
2nd midterm exam [30%]

Grader: Shenglong Xu
office: 3024 Physics Research Building
email: xu.797(AT)
phone: 614-247-7888
office hours: by appointment

Web Pages:
This page:
Home page:

Approximate Schedule

Chapter numbers refer to Schroeder's Introduction to Thermal Physics.

Week Chapter Topics Comments
Jan 4--6
6 Boltzmann Probability

Jan 9--13
7 Gibbs Probability
Jan 18--20 7 Gibbs Probability no class on Monday
Jan 23--27 7
Identical Fermions
Jan 30--Feb 3 7 Identical Fermions
Feb 6--10 8 Identical Bosons 1st midterm on Monday!
Feb 13--17 8 Identical Bosons
Feb 20--24 8 Nonideal Gas
Feb 27--March 2 ? Critical Phenomena
2nd midterm on Monday!
March 5--9 ? Ising Model
March 12-15
no final exam!

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Physics 622 Info Page
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