Minitab and Data Sets

Where to find Minitab?

OSU has a site license for Minitab and is available at the following labs: Baker Systems 508,Brown Hall 145, Campbell 119,Cunz 148, Ohio Union 6, and Stillman 235.

If you are interested in using Minitab at home, go to Minitab's website ( and download a free demo version for a month.

Help with Minitab

Minitab has a searchable help feature in addition to a tutorial.

Minitab guides will be handed out with some homework assignments and will contain information on how to do select homework problems.

Feel free to email the instructor and grader with any questions on using Minitab. We will also be available during office hours and by appointment to answer questions.

Make arrangements with other Statistics 528 students to work in the computer labs together and ask each other questions. Remember, however, that you must turn in your own work (including Minitab output) for all homework assignments.

Data Sets

The data sets needed for the homework assignments are either in the Minitab data directory (C:\Program Files\MTBWIN\Data) which is opened automatically when loading a Minitab worksheet or they are available on the IPS CD. If you do not have a copy of the CD, you can download the data from the publisher's website (