August 2021

Robert M. de Jong
Ohio State University
Department of Economics
454 Arps Hall
Columbus, Ohio 43210, USA
Email: robert_de_jong (at)


Place of birth: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Citizenship: USA


B.Sc., Econometrics, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands), 1989.
Ph.D., Economics, Free University Amsterdam (The Netherlands), 1993, under supervision of Herman Bierens.


June 2014: Visiting Professor at Institute for Higher Studies, Vienna.
June 2013: Visiting Professor at University of Orléans.
October 2007 - : Professor at Ohio State University.
October 2003 - October 2007: Associate Professor at Ohio State University.
December 2000 - August 2003: Associate Professor at Michigan State University.
November 1999 - December 2000: Assistant Professor at Michigan State University.
August 1997 - November 1999: Visiting Assistant Professor at Michigan State University.
June 1993 - July 1997: Instructor at Tilburg University (The Netherlands).


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* : graduate student or former graduate student from my department


  1. "Sums of exponentials of random walks". The results of this paper are now a special case of those in the paper below.

  2. "Exponentials of unit root processes".

  3. "Nonlinear time series models and weakly dependent innovations".

  4. "Nonlinear regression with integrated regressors but without exogeneity".


Book Review of "Dynamic Nonlinear Econometric Models - Asymptotic Theory" by Benedikt M. Pötscher and Ingmar R. Prucha, Econometric Theory, 2000, volume 16, p. 127-130.


Associate Editor for Econometric Theory, 2002-2011.
Associate Editor for Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics, 2007-.


Econometric Theory "Plura Scripsit" Award (2005).
Fellow of the Journal of Econometrics (2003).
Econometric Theory "Multa Scripsit" Award (1998).


I acted as a referee for Annals of Statistics, NSF, Econometric Reviews, Econometric Theory, Econometrica, Empirical Economics, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, International Economic Review, Journal of Applied Econometrics, Journal of Empirical Finance, Journal of Business and Economics Statistics, Journal of Econometrics, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Review of Economic Studies, Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, The Econometrics Journal, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A, Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics.


I have presented my research in seminars at Free University, Amsterdam; the University of Amsterdam; Tilburg University; Erasmus University Rotterdam (all in The Netherlands); University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia); Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong); Yale University; University of Michigan; Texas A & M; Rice University; University of Maryland; Penn State University; Ohio State University; Brown University; joint NCSU/UNC/Duke; University of Pittsburgh; UCLA; UCSD; Simon Frasier University; joint MIT/Harvard; University of Rochester; University of Toronto; University of Montreal; University of Central Florida; University of Texas; University of Vienna; University College London; Columbia University; LeHigh University; Vanderbilt University; University of Dortmund; University of Orléans.


Since Fall 2003 at Ohio State University and in the period period 1997-2003 at Michigan State University I have taught Intermediate Micro and Undergraduate Econometrics at the undergraduate level, and a range of classes on Cross-section Econometrics and Time Series Econometrics at the graduate level. At Tilburg University between 1994 and 1997, I taught various courses in Statistics and Econometrics, at both the graduate and undergraduate level. In the period between March 1989 and June 1993 (my Ph.D. studentship) I have taught several undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics courses.

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