Manjuan Duan
About me

I am a fifth-year PhD student in the linguistics and a second year master student in statistics. In linguistics, my advisors are Carl Pollard and William Schuler. I am interested in:

  • Natural language parsing and generation
  • Statistical learning applied to language processing
  • Syntax-semantics interface
  • Categorial grammars
  • Chinese linguistics
  • Incremental Semantic Parsing
      I am working with William Schuler on an NSF project about incremental parsing.
  • Generating Disambiguating Paraphrases
      I am working with Michael White on his NSF project Closing the Loop: Inducing High-Precision Grammars for Generating Disambiguating Paraphrases . In the first stage of this project, we investigate whether parsers can be used to avoid "vicious" ambiguities in the OpenCCG surface realizations.
  • A Generalized Categorial Grammar (GCG) Framework for Mandarin Chinese
      I am working with William Schuler on accouting for Mandarin Chinese in a Generalized Categorial Grammar (GCG) framework. Currently, we are working on reannotating Penn Chinese Treebank into GCG trees with rules which fully considerate the language-specific properties of Mandarin Chinese.
  • Visual Description Generation
    In this project, I work with Micha Elsner and Marie Catherine de Marneffe on how visual properties of an object shape our descripti on of it in a target describing task. We have found some low-level visual features sucha as salience of an object, clutterness of the image, have a significant effect on our choice of referring expressions.
  • Alternative Questions in Mandarin Chinese
    I am working with Carl Pollard on giving a unified account of syntactic and semantic properties of alternative questions in Mandarin Chinese. The analysis is conducted in Linear Categorial Grammar (LCG) framework. The distinction between alternative questions and other types of questions, such as constituent questions and polar questions in Mandarin Chinese has also been consistently accounted for in the same framework.  
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  • 2013 Autumn - 2016 Spring: Graduate Research Assistantship supported by Michael White's NSF project
  • 2013 Summer: Targeted Investment on Excellence of the Linguistics Department
  • 2012-2013: Graduate Teaching Assitantship
  • 2011-2012: University Fellowship at Ohio State University
  • Recognized reviewer of Lingua
  • 1712 Neil Ave
    Department of Lingustics
    Ohio State University
    Columbus, Ohio 43210