Physics 111Autumn 2003

Prof. L. Stanley Durkin

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Important Stuff

Syllabus (assignment sheet)


Grade Breakdown

Formula Sheet for Final

Midterm Curve

Best 5 of 7 Quizzes Curve

GIANCOLI Practice Problems

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Homework in PDF format


Summaries of Lectures

Kinematics-I pdf

Kinematics-II pdf gif

Vectors pdf

Projectile Motion pdf gifa gifb gifc gifd

Relative Velocity pdf gifa

Newton's Laws pdf gifa

Newton's Laws (applications I) pdf

Newton's Laws (applications II) pdf

Pressure pdf

Circular Motion pdf

Gravity and Satellites pdf

Work and Energy pdf

Conservation of Energy, Power pdf

Conservation of Momentum pdf

Collisions, Center of Mass pdf

Rotational Motion pdf

Torque pdf

Statics pdf

Rotational Dynamics pdf

Fun Stuff

Demonstration Movies

N.C.S.U. Demo Movies (see 1-26 for this course)

Wake Forest Demo Movies

Trigonometry Review

Trig Formulas

Def. Trig Functs. (applet)

Trig Self Test


Powers of Ten(Chicago)

Powers of Ten(SanFransisco)

SI Units

Unit Conversion

Atomic Clock

Kinematics 1-D

Displacement or Distance ?

Average vs Instanaenous velocity

Animated Gifs (see Kinematics 1-D)

Velocity and Accleraton

Another Gif of Velocity and Acceleration

Bouncing Ball


motion plots

reaction time

Another Bouncing Ball

Free Fall Program

constant acceleration (avi)

free fall (avi)

plot/solve Kinematics Equations

land speed record

air speed record

water speed record

Rail Guns shoot 1.6 Kg projectile 3300 m/s!

Gravitational Constant - g

Astronaut Drops Feather on the Moon


Vector Addition Program

Animated Gifs (see vectors)

Another Vector Addition Program

graphing vector calculator

another graphing vector calculator

Projectile Motion

Animated Gifs (see vector trajectories)

Quicktime Movies (see vector trajectories near bottom)

Cannon Program

Another Cannon Program

Another Cannon Program

Trajectory Program

shoot the monkey

Shoot the Monkey II

Big Bertha

Relative Velocity

boat crossing river

Newton's Laws

Addition of Forces

Animated Gifs (see Newton's Laws)

Bucket of Bolts in Space (Movie)

Applications of Newton's Laws

Animated Gifs (see Newton's Laws)

Free Body Diagrams

Free Body Diagrams

free body diagrams (takes a while to load)

Inclined Plane

simple inclined plane

complex inclined plane

Friction Problem

Friction and a block

Atwood's machine

Building Implosions

Pressure and Density

scuba diving physics

scuba diving physics 2

Newton's Laws and Circular Motion

circular motion

ball and strip applet

circular motion review

car rounding bend

car rounding bend 2

roller coaster bend

Animated Gifs (see Circular, Satellite, and Rotational Motion)


Col. Stapp's 40 g Acceleration

Human Centrifuge

Russian Fighter Pilot Blacks Out

You too can fly a Mig24 $$$$(for real)

Gravity and Satellites

Solar System Java

visible satellites (viewing times for Columbus)

Java Gravity Orbit Simulator

Earth Orbiting Satellites (orbits,name,country)

What is an analemma ?

Energy Conservation

Animated Gifs (see work and energy)

Quicktime Movie (see work and energy near bottom)

World Roller Coaster Data

Roller Coaster Lab

Cedar Point - Millenium video (click on Millenium, then POV video)

Amusement Park Accidents

Rube Goldberg Honda

racing balls

Momentum Conservation

Animated Gifs (see momentum conservation and collisions)

Inelastic car collision quicktime

Elastic/Inelastic collision

1d collision

2d collisions

pool ball simulation

nuclear physics gold on gold collision

car collision simulations

car make collision safety data

Baseball collides with Pidgeon

Center of Mass

Triangle Thrown in Constant Gravitation Field

Video of Ronnie

Long Jump

greek longjumpers used weights

dropping a cat

Angular Momentum

conservation of angular momentum

Ballerina Conserves Angular Momentum

Figure Skating Spins (movies)





Nobel Prizes

Physics Humor

Physics of Golf

Physics of Baseball

Physics of Hockey

Physics of Shotput

Physics of Car Racing

Amusement Park Physics

USAF Cockpit Physics

Mechanics Lecture Demos

High Energy Physics

Prof. Durkin's Research



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