Physics 113Winter 2011

Prof. L. Stanley Durkin

PRB 3122

Phone: (614)292-6948

Office Hrs. T,Th 9:30-10:30 AM

or drop by or by arrangement

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Dr. Rallis

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Important Stuff

Grade Breakdown

Formulas, and Constants:pdf

Midterm Scores: pdf

Best 5 of 7 Quiz Scores: pdf

Final Scores: pdf

Summary of Lectures

lecture 1 pdf

lecture 2 pdf

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lecture 8 pdf

lecture 8 full pptpdf

lecture 9 pdf

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Fun Stuff

Prof. Durkin's Research

CMS Experiment


mirror focal length

Mirror and Lense Optics

Converging Lense

Converging Lense 2

Diverging Lense

Diverging Lense 2

Three Lenses

Explaination of Eye Glasses

Eye Glasses Applet


Virtual Optics Bench

Simple Harmonic Motion

Simple Harmonic Motion

SHM circular motion

SHM spring

SHM spring 2

hooke's law(applet)

Driven String

tacoma narrow's bridge (movie)

small bridge oscillations

Wave Properties

transverse & longitudinal waves (applet)

Reflection of Waves

simple transvere wave train

simple longitudinal wave train

addition of waves (applet)

interference of two waves (applet)

superposition of waves

superposition (movie)

addition of standing harmonics (applet)

harmonics (applet)

plucking a string (applet)


beats(another applet

beats(sound applet)

wave generator (applet)


Sound Plane Wave(sound applet)

Sound Sphereical Waves(sound applet)

Tuning Fork Waves(sound applet)

sound wave synthesis(sound applet)

create an instrument(sound applet)

play frequencies

organ pipe (applet)

dB sound levels (applet)

Create your own instrument (applet)

Test Your Hearing (applet)

Many Sound Applets

How do Bugles work

Hear the Harmonic Series

harmonic modes of guitar (see modes,animated gifs)

Light propagation

propagating EM wave (applet)

propagating EM wave 2 (applet)

EM waves from vibrating charge

x-rays (applet)


prism (applet)



huygen's (applet)

single slit diffraction

single slit (applet)

single slit 2 (applet)

radio telescopes are inverse diffraction gratingsinterferometers

opals are natural diffraction gratings

color in nature


young's experiment(applet)

young's experiment 2 (applet)

interference (movie)

multiple slit interference (applet)

thin film (applet)

thin film 2 (applet)

thin film 3 (applet)

thin film 2 (applet)

Soap Bubble (film)

wave optics

single lense real(applet)


pattern of imaged point (Airy Disk)

raleigh criterion

pentagon at different resolutions

Special Relativity

Michelson Interferometer

Michelson Morely Experiment

Light Clocks

Time Dialation Experiment Movie (Airplane)

Time Dialation Experiment Movie (Cosmic Ray Muons)

time dialation

twin paradox applet)

twin paradox explained (simple)

twin paradox explained (hard)

relativistic flight simulators

relativity tutorial

Simultaneity is relative

Space Time Tutorial

Mr. Tompkins

Quantum Mechanics

color temperature

black body radiation

COBE - cosmic background explorer

black body radiation 2

black body radiation 3

photoelectric effect

photoelectric effect2

photoelectric effect3

photoelectric effect4

basics of quantum mechanics(website)

debroglie (applet)

quantum two slit interference (applet)

scanning electron microscope

wave packets

wave packet dynamics

wave packet probability

wave packet scattering

wave packet tunneling

quantum harmonic oscillator

wave packet hits barrier

quantum bouncing ball

quantum applets


rutherford scattering (applet)

rutherford scattering2 (applet)

atomic orbits (applet)

bohr atom (applet)

bohr radius

bohr atom

bohr atom 2

atomic absorbion and emission spectrum

find the visible balmer lines

atomic builder (applet)

Periodic Table

electron filling (applet)

the elements (description)

periodic table applet

atomic orbital movies

atomic orbital graphic table

best periodic table (click on atomic config)

H2O bothered by charge (applet)

Molecular Bonds

covalent and polar bonds

atomic lattice structures (java)

molecular orbitals (difficult)

Nuclear Physics

stable nuclei (java)

stable nuclei (plot)

the nuclear wall chart

nuclear binding energy

Radioactive Decay

stable nuclei with decay regions

radioactive decay (applet)

radioactive decay (applet)

radioactive decay II (applet)

decay series

decay series products

Effects of Radiation

radiation safety (website)

calculate your annual dose (applet)

radiation damage to cells (article)

Peaceful Nuclear Energy

practical uses of nuclear energy

control a nuclear reactor

US Nuclear Accidents

Atomic Bombs

chain reaction (applet)

manhattan project(website)

truman -the bomb (sound)

effects of a bomb

Effects of a bomb on Columbus Ohio

At least the congress would survive

atomic cafe (movie, humorous documentary on the Atomic Age)

atomic cafe (sound clips)

atomic blasts (movies)

US above ground nuclear tests (pictures)

what would an nuclear blast do to your house ? (mov)

Youtube nuclear test vidoes

youtube declassified nuclear test films

Particle Physics

The Particle Adventure (website)

Good Applet Source

Good Physics Applets

Physics Publications

Scientific American

A History of Modern Physics

nobel prizes in physics (website)

Physics Humor

Increadibly Stupid Movies

Physics Humor

About Physics

Quotes from a Random Walk in Science

Comments or Suggestions Prof. Durkin