Physics 132Spring 2003

Prof. L. Stanley Durkin - 8:30 AM Lecture

Smith 2101, Smith 2087,

Final Exam Tuesday June 10 7:30-9:18AM in Recitation

Office Hrs. T,Th 11:30-12:30

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Dr. Kenneth Bolland - 9:30 AM Lecture

Final Exam Wednesday June 11 9:30-11:18AM in MP1000 (McPherson)

Smith 5095 ,


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Dr. Adelson

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Important Stuff




Durkin Midterm1 Curve

Durkin Midterm2 Curve

Durkin Best 5/6 Quizzes Curve

Durkin 8:30 AM Final Formula Sheet

Bolland 9:30 AM Final Formula Sheet(new)

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Recitation Web Homework

Mult Choice Problems

HomeWork Solutions

week1 solutions

week 2 solutions

week 3 solutions

week 4 solutions

week 5 solutions

week 6 solutions

week 7 solutions

week 8 solutions

week 9 solutions

week 10 solutions

RC Examples 28-44,28-49,28-51

Fun Stuff

Demonstration Movies

N.C.S.U. Demo Movies (see 50 on for this course)

Physics Applets

good applets

good applets (unfortunately in german)

shock wave site


Electrostatic Charge Examples

rod and pith ball

Charging by Electrostatic Induction (gif)

Charging by Contact (gif)


Vector Addition Program

Vector Addition Program

Animated Gifs (see vectors)

Another Vector Addition Program

Electric Field

Test Charges

Test Charge 2

E field with Test Charge

E field with Test Charge (more examples)

Hidden Charges

Electric Field Lines

Dipole E field

Dipole E field 2 (german)

Dipole E field 3

Less Crude E field lines

Crude E field lines

E field line for 4 charges

electric field applets

Charged Particle in E Field

charged particle in E field

Deflection of charged beam

electron in dipole field (try Problem 10)

Faraday Cage

Faraday Cage animation

Dr. Megavolt

Dr. Megavolt Movie

A getaway in an Avis Rental Faraday Cage

Calculating E Field

Field of Charged Plane

Line Charge Integral

Charge Ring and Plate Integrals

Elf - free program to plot electric fields and potentials of charge distributions

Gauss Law

Gauss Applets

see Gauss Law Applets

Electric Potential

See electric field line applets above, most draw equipotentials

Electric Potential (applet)

Electric Field (applet)

Web lecture

electric potential two plus charges

electric potential dipole charges

relationship E field and Electric Potential

complex field potentials

Van d Graaff (animation)

How to build a Van de Graff Generator (Don't !)

theater of electricity (lightning)

Lightning FAQ

realtime lightning strikes map (USA)

lightning detectors

NOAA Colorado Lightning Center


Accidents discovering the Capacitor

Franklin almost electrocutes self

Did Moses build a capacitor?

Parallel Plate Equipotentials

Superposition of two parallel plates

Using parallel plates

charging capacitor

capacitor networks

Capacitor with movable dielectrics

High Energy Capacitors (7000J !)

Dangerous Capacitance Discharge Experiments


resistivity (microscopic) applet

Resistance Model

Ohm's Law

Electric Shock

equivalent resistances

voltage divider

resistors networks

Build resistor battery circuits

Do it yourself home Wiring

Electric Fishing

Energy Policy

Power Tranmission Losses

ElectricPower Grid

Maybe its time for a Superconducting Power Grid

Modern appliances leak electricity (article)

Kirchoff's laws

equivalent resistances

voltage divider

circuit 1

circuit 2

circuit 3

circuit 4

circuit 5

circuit 6

circuit 7

AC Circuits

RC circuit

Another RC circuit applet

Magnetic Field Lines

Magnet B Field Lines

Lorentz Force on Charged Particle

Cross Product Applet

Right Hand Rule

Right Hand Rule Seft Test

Vector Product (Calculator)

Charged Particle Bends in B field

Charged Particle Bends in B field 2

Charge Particle Bends in B Field (more complex)

Hall Effect

J.J. Tomson Discovers the Electron

Mass Spectrometer

Cyclotron applet

Complex Motion in E & M field

Aurora - Solar Wind Charges following helices

Earths magnetic field

Aurora Borealis Forecast

Solar Wind Forcast

Lorentz Force on a Wire

Lorentz force on wire

Rail Guns

Rail Guns 1.6 Kg projectile 3300 m/s!

magnetic induction submarine drive

magnetic induction propulsion ship (subs already use them?)

see Faraday "strung a wire along Waterloo bridge in London"

Space Shuttle uses Faraday's idea to generate electricity

Direct Current Electric motor

How a Loudspeaker Works

Magnetic Fields from Currents

Biot-Savart applet

Biot-Savart examples

Magnetic Flux

B field current carrying wire

magnetic field around Solenoid

adding current loops to make coil

B field wire

B field solenoid

Geological Magnetic Maps

coaxial B field

Earths magnetic field

Tokomak is Giant Toriod

Tokomak Graphic

A Model of Iron Magnet - interacting dipoles

Faraday's Law

Magnetic Flux

Faraday's Law Experiment

Lens Law Applet

Pushing Magnet into Coil (Movie)

Pushing Magnet into Coil (Applet)

Slide on Rails

Hoop Dragged thru Bfield

Distorting Coil

Faraday Law Summary (Gif)

AC Generator

Eddy Current in a Tube (Movie)

Eddy Currents in a Tube (Animation)

Eddy Current Brake (Movie)

Eddy Current Brake/Clutch

Induction Cooking(Makes eddy currents in your frying pan)

How a microphone works

How a Metal Detector Works

Stealing Power - See last line of article

Induction charging electric toothbrushes

EMP Bomb - Burn your enemies electronics by inducing large currents

Telsa Coil Tutorial

Physics Publications

Scientific American

Physics Humor

Increadibly Stupid Movies

Physics Humor

Physics Humor2

Quotes from a Random Walk in Science

Eclipse of Moon May 16, 2003

Eclypse Times

Comments or Suggestions Prof. Durkin