Physics 133Autumn 2002

Prof. L. Stanley Durkin

Smith 2101, Smith 2087

Office Hrs. T,Th 11:30-12:30

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Dr. Adelson

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Important Stuff



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HomeWork Solutions

homework solutions

Fun Stuff

Physics Applets

good applets

good applets (unfortunately in german)

shock wave site

Harmonic Oscillation (Review)

SHM circular motion

SHM spring (applet)

simple harmonic oscillation (applet)

hooke's law(applet)



dampled oscillator

dampled oscillator2

the pendulum lab

force pendulum - resonance

diff. equation solver

tacoma narrow's bridge (movie)

small bridge oscillations

Wave Properties

transverse & longitudinal waves (applet)

Reflection of Waves

simple transvere wave train

simple longitudinal wave train

plucking a string (applet)

addition of waves (applet)

interference of two waves (applet)

Superposition of waves

Superposition of waves II

wave addition

interference of two waves (applet)

interference of two standing waves (applet)

addition of standing harmonics (applet)

ripple tank


beats(sound applet)

beats (applet)

wave generator (applet)

fourier series simulation

loaded string


Sound Plane Wave(sound applet)

Sound Sphereical Waves(sound applet)

Tuning Fork Waves(sound applet)

sound wave synthesis(sound applet)

create an instrument(sound applet)

organ pipe (applet)

doppler effect (applet)

doppler effect(sound applet)

doppler effect(applet)

doppler effect(sound)

dB sound levels (applet)

sonic barrier (movie)

doppler effect (explaination)

image voice prints (applet)

acoustics of baseball bats

vibrational modes of guitars

vibrational modes of circular drum

Light propagation

propagating EM wave (applet)

EM waves from vibrating charge

x-rays (applet)


prism (applet)



refraction (applet)

refraction (applet)


huygen's (applet)

huygen's principle (applet)

single slit diffraction

single slit (applet)

single slit with phasors (applet)

double slit + single slit pattern

radio telescopes are inverse diffraction gratingsvla picture1vla picture2

opals are natural diffraction gratings

color in nature


young's experiment (applet)

young's experiment(applet)

young's experiment (applet)

interference (movie)

multiple slit interference (applet)

thin film simulation

thin film applet

thin film photography


single lense real(applet)

lenses (applet)


lens - wave optics (movie)

airy disk

airy disk (pdf)

rayleigh criterion

rayleigh criterion

pentagon at different resolutions


polaroid filter (applet)

polaroid filter (applet)

polaroid filter (pictures)

polaroid filter (applet)

discovery of polarizer (text,humorous)

three polarizers (applet)

Brewters's Angle

Brewters's Angle (lousy but unique)

polaroid sunglasses (applet)

Albert Einstein

Einstein Web page

Special Relativity

michelson interferometry (applet)

time dialation

twin parado (applet)

twin paradox 2 (applet)

relativistic flight simulators

relativity tutorial

relativity links (some very mathematical)

Relativity Applet

Lorentz Transformations

Thompkin's applet

Mr. Tompkins

cnn reporting

Quantum Mechanics

color temperature

black body radiation

black body radiation II (applet)

COBE - cosmic background explorer

black body radiation 2

black body radiation 3

photoelectric effect

photoelectric effect2

photoelectric effect3

photoelectric effect4

basics of quantum mechanics(website)

debroglie (applet)

quantum two slit interference (applet)

scanning electron microscope

gaussian packet (applet)

tunneling (applet)

wave packet (applet)

quantum applets

when particles act like waves


rutherford scattering (applet)

atomic orbits (applet)

bohr atom (applet)

Bohr radius

Bohr Atom (applet)

atomic absorption balmer

atomic spectra (applet)

atomic builder (applet)

hydrogen atom viewer

Periodic Table

electron filling (applet)

the elements (description)

periodic table applet

atomic orbital movies

atomic orbital graphic table

best periodic table (click on atomic config)

H2O bothered by charge (applet)

Molecular Bonds

covalent and polar bonds

molecular orbitals (difficult)

Nuclear Physics

stable nuclei (java)

the nuclear wall chart

nuclear binding energy

Radioactive Decay

radioactive decay (applet)

radioactive decay (applet)

radioactive decay II (applet)

Effects of Radiation

radiation safety (website)

calculate your annual dose (applet)

radiation damage to cells (article)

Peaceful Nuclear Energy

practical uses of nuclear energy

control a nuclear reactor

US Nuclear Accidents

Atomic Bombs

chain reaction (applet)

another chain reaction applet

manhattan project(website)

truman -the bomb (sound)

effects of a bomb on Columbus,OH (java)

At least the congress would survive

atomic blasts (movies)

US above ground nuclear tests (pictures)

what would an nuclear blast do to your house ? (mov)

Trinity Web Site

atomic cafe (mov)

Particle Physics

The Particle Adventure (website)


laser simulated emission(applet)

laser (applet)

laser emission (applet)

Fresnel Zone Plate

fresnel diffraction

another fresnet diffraction applet

Fresnel Zone Plate Screen Saver

Fresnel Zone Cameras

Zone Plate Photographs

Zone Plate Photograph

X-Ray Microscope

Simple Zone Holograms

Laser Pointer Holograms

Jave Code for Computer Generation of Holograms

A History of Modern Physics

nobel prizes in physics (website)

American Institute of Physics History Archive

Physics Humor

Increadibly Stupid Movies

Physics Humor

Physics Humor2

Comments or Suggestions Prof. Durkin