Physics 416 Winter 2012


Prof. L. Stanley Durkin

PRB3122, PRB3133

Office Hrs. W 12:30-1:30

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Administrative Stuff

Welcome & Grade Policy pdf


Lecture 1 pdf

Lecture 2 pdf

Lecture 3 pdf

Lecture 4 pdf

Lecture 5 pdf

Lecture 6 pdf

Lecture 7 pdf

Lecture 8 pdf


Homework 1 pdf

Homework 2 pdf

Homework 3 pdf

Homework 4 pdf

Homework 5 pdf

Homework 6 pdf


Laboratory 1 pdf Standard Tools pdf

Laboratory 2 pdf Geiger Counter manual pdf

Laboratory 3 pdf

On-Line Radiation Safety Training Course for Laboratory Personnel (print out certificate and hand in)

Laboratory 4 pdf MCA manualpdf Note on Nuclear physics pdf

Laboratory 5 pdf

Laboratory 6 pdf

Reading Gamma Ray Scintillation Spectroscopy

Wikipedia (overview)

Melissinos (hard)

Rutgers (easier)

Toronto (easier)

Our Standard Tools

C++ LanguaOBge Tutorial

WxDev-C++ installation

WxDev-C++ Hello World

WxDev-C++ Tutorials Using wxWidgets (We don't really need this)

sciDAVis installation

A Quick Guide to SciDAVis

sciDAVis manual

PyMinuit installation (windows)

PyMinuit installation (for mac or linux)

PyMinuit Simple Tutorial

sciDAVis Minuit script (use late in course)

Other Tools commonly used

C C++ Compiler(Cloud) Online

CODEBLOCKS:A stable version of c++ complier also with a large following

Nearly identical to wxdevc++ Quincy has a large following

MATLAB another analysis/plot tool

Matlab scripts to perform fits

Maple Tutorial (Mathematical calculations, has a nice statistics package)

Mathematica Tutorial

Plots for Lectures (most done using Maple, these can be done as easily using Mathematica)

Lecture 2 - Binomial Widths pdf mw

Lecture 2 - Coin Toss Average PDF pdf mw

Lecture 2 - Poisson Limit of Binomial pdf mw

Lecture 2 - Histogram Bin Errors pdf

Lecture 3 - Gaussian Limit of Binomial pdf mw

Lecture 3 - Central Limit Theorem (square wave convolution) pdf mw

Lecture 3 - Gaussian Limit of Poissonian pdf mw

Lecture 4 - PDF Ratio of single Gaussian pdf maple

Lecture 4 - Bessel Correction pdf

Lecture 4 - PDFs instead of Error Propagation (mathematics beyond course scope)

Lecture 5 - Revisit Calculate pi pdf

Lecture 5 - Likelihood Fit pdf

Lecture 6 - Least Square Fits pdf

Lecture 7 - 2 parameter gaussians pdf

Lecture 7 - Full Line Fit (Least Squares) pdf

Lecture 8 - Student-t pdf

Lecture 8 - Null Hypothesis Scaling pdf

Useful Statistics Pages

Orear Statistics Lectures

Louis Lyons Statistics Lectures at FNAL (video + slides)

Java Statistical Dictionary

Rice Virtual Statistics Lab

UICI Statistics Page

Statistics Links

Mean and Standard Deviation:

standard deviation calculator

standard deviation histograms

mean, mode, std dev applet

Dice Throws

dice throw

dice throw 2

Monte Carlo

calculate pi

calculate pi 2

calculate pi another way

Random Number Generators

Random Number Generators 2

Bad Random Number Generator (1960...)

Quasi-Random Monte Carlo is better

quasi-random (pseudo) number applet

Binomial Distribution

binomial distribution

binomial distribution 2

Galton's board

Galton's board 2

1d random walk

2d random walk

2d random walk again

Brownian Motion

Binomial Distribution Quicktime

Poissonian Distribution

Binomial -> Poissonian

sharks and poissonians

quicktime poissonian

Confidence Intervals

gaussian confidence intervals

Central Limit Theorem

Central Limit Theorem 0

Central Limit Theorem I

Central Limit Theorem II (dice)

Central Limit Theorem III

Central Limit Theorem IV

Central Limit Theorem IV


Guessing Correlation

Bayes Theorem

Bayes Theorem Example

confidence intervals

Linear Regression

Linear Regression 1

Linear Regression 2

put points

Linear Regression

chi square

Chi-Square Integral

chi square integral with graphics

Statistics in Gambling

Mathematics of Gambling

Book On Gambling Odds

FAQ Gambling Odds

Poker Probabilities

Craps Probabilities

Slot Machine Probabilities

Black Jack Odds

Ohio Lottery Odds

Statistics in Football

Math of power ratings

Sagarin power ratings

Statistical Mechanics

Boltzman Distribution (Return to the Binomial Distribution)

Statistics Humor

Statistics Joke Collection (weird but not funny)

Better Jokes but still...

Statistics Publications

Chance Magazine

Journal of Statistical Education

High Energy Physics

Prof. Durkin's Research

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