Physics 517/617Spring 2012

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Prof. L. Stanley Durkin

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Laboratory 1 Measurement Error

Laboratory 2 Magnet Core Inductors Plot Choice

Laboratory 3

Laboratory 4a Spice modeling (see Lab4aCEAmp.Sch)

Laboratory 4b AM stations FFT artifacts

Laboratory 5

Laboratory 6a

Laboratory 6b software ADC831 spec

Example Laboratory Writeup

Notebook Hints

Lab 1 Writeup (example)

Plotting and Curve Fitting

sciDAVis installation

A Quick Guide to SciDAVis

sciDAVis manual

PyMinuit installation (windows)

PyMinuit installation (for mac or linux)

PyMinuit Simple Tutorial

sciDAVis Minuit script

Matlab Oscilliscope Trace Capture and Curve Fitting

Short Matlab Tutorial

TDS210 Trace Capture Directions

TDS1002b Trace Capture Directions

Excel Trace Capture (An alternate proceedure)

Fitting Directions

Frequency Sweep

Phys517/617 Matlab Scripts

Spice Modeling of Lab Circuits (Lab 1-6) (Nearly every circuit in the course has been modeled by computer!)

Free Spice Simulator

Quick Tutorial

Directory with Spice Schematics and Analysis Files

Possible Future Replacement for BASIC Stamps XLINX FPGA board for $50


VHDL programming of BASYS2 card

Lastest: Circuits can get you in BIG trouble

Fashion Statement

Future Nobel Laureate Lawrence Bragg Wins WWI with a Wheatstone Bridge

The Royal Society

Electronic Applets and Calculators

Kirchoff's laws:

Resistor Color Code Chart

BreadBoard Connections

equivalent resistances

voltage divider

circuit 1

circuit 2

circuit 3

circuit 4

circuit 5

circuit 6

circuit 7

Resistor Circuit Builder

Thevenin/Norton's Equivalents

power in resistors

Thevenin Equivalent

Thevenin Equivalent

Norton Equivalent

Maximum Power

AC Circuits

AC components

RC circuit

LRC circuit

Maple LRC Circuit Soln

Maple RC(parallel)+L(Series) Circuit Soln

Maple RC(parallel)+L(Series) Circuit Soln (plot)

Maple RC Square Wave Repetitive(Fourier)

Maple RC Square Wave Pulse (Fourier, Messy, use Laplace below)

Maple RC Square Wave (EE's use Laplace Transforms, I do too.)

LRC circuit 2

low pass filter

high pass filter



impedance calculator

filtering audio

lc filter designer


Maple Numerical Soln 1/2 Wave Rectifier

NP junction

Rectifier+other stuff

Bridge Rectifier

clipping circuit

750 KV Cockcroft-Walton


How does a transistor work (Movie)

NPN junction


CE Amp+other stuff

CE amplifier applet

CE Design Tool

General Amp Theory

Tony Fisher's Circuit Simulator

AM Radio

am modulation

am modulation 2

am modulation 3

ohio am stations

OP Amps

Many Op Amp circuits

inverting amp

non-inverting amp


Maple Oscillator Soln

Response of a pulse to OP Amp Filters (LaPlace Transforms Rule)

Karnaugh Calculator - Minimizing Digital Logic

Boolean minimizer

Microprocessors - Cheap - Available at RadioShack

STAMP II -getting started

For Your Enjoyment

fun things to build

Electronics for you

Where to buy

radioshack (expensive but close)



Useful Free Software

Free Spice Simulator

Maple Site License

DATA BOOKS (Find real components here)
  • IC Master
  • QuestLink EE Design Center
  • Company Facts free guide
  • DataBookShelf data sheet links (USA site)
  • DataBookShelf data sheet links (UK site)
  • Actel
  • Advanced Mirco Devices
  • Analog Devices
  • Altera
  • Atmel
  • Avant
  • Burr-Brown
  • Cirrus Logic
  • Cypress
  • Data Delay Devices
  • DSP Group
  • EIAJ
  • Harris
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Integrated Device Technology (IDT)
  • Intel
  • Lambda Advanced Analog
  • Lattice Semiconductor
  • Lecroy
  • Linear Technology
  • Motorola
  • Motorola Product Portfolio
  • National
  • Orbit Semiconductor
  • Philips
  • Siemens Components
  • Siliconix
  • Spectrum Semiconductor
  • Synergy Semiconductor
  • Temic
  • Texas Instruments
  • Xilinx
  • Zilog

  • High Energy Physics

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