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Arabidopsis experiment in Biological Science Greenhouse (2/2016)


Field work in Waterman Farm (5/22/2015)


Denman Forum (3/26/2015)


Weed Science Society of America Annual Meeting in Lexington (2/10/2015-2/12/2015)



Spring 2013 Field work at the Waterman farm: Setting up of the Miscanthus seed addition experiment by members of Snow lab (Evans, Chi, Destiny, Ashley, Ben) & Miriti lab (Tahir).


wpe5.jpg (66787 bytes)

Winter Field Work 2011:  Adding Switchgrass Seeds

(Patty, Destiny, Maria, and Evans)


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Winter Field Work 2011: Mulching Plots with Staw (left) Seed Burial (right) Chi and Destiny

mariainlab_25.jpg (28257 bytes)asfawinlab50.jpg (128639 bytes)

Maria (left photo) and Asfaw (right photo) at work in the lab

o-h-i-o.jpg (333108 bytes)

The Grad Students; Amy, Jenalle (undergraduate) Chi and Asfaw (Addis Ababa University) show their Buckeye spirit

croppedsnowlabin switchgrass09.JPG (770997 bytes)

Amy (second from right) explains her switchgrass experiment to (from the left) Chi, Allison, and Patty (far right).

allisonpattyandasfaw09.JPG (1128311 bytes)

Asfaw (far left) Patty and Allison discuss switchgrass.  This makes everyone very happy.

LABMEETINGCROPPED09.jpg (261329 bytes)

After a rivoting lab discussion the lab (standing from the left: Asfaw, Amy, and Chi, seated: Allison and Patty)  poses for a group picture

asfawonoval_205%.jpg (44335 bytes)

Asfaw stops for a photo opportunity on the oval after a day of shopping.


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