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CANCELLED! Freshwater Mussel Identification Workshop, 7-10 October 2019.

Due to unforseen circumstances, the Freshwater Mussel Identification Workshop has been cancelled. Please contact Sue Meier (meier.77@osu.edu, 292-8280) if you need your registration refunded.

Freshwater gastropods of North America. Google Maps of Division holdings. 15,000 lots, >885,000 specimens.


The Mollusc Division of the Museum of Zoology is administered by the Department of Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology of the College of Biological Sciences and housed along with the other life science collections of The Ohio State University in the Museum of Biological Diversity.


The Division of Molluscs is funded by the Ohio State University, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife, and the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium.


The mission of the Mollusc Division is teaching, research and service through the use of collections of specimens, literature and related data.  As needs arise and opportunities become available the emphasis on teaching or research or service changes so as to achieve maximal productivity of the staff and faculty.  The scope of interest is both fossil and recent, local and world-wide;  but the collections are richest in North American, European or Asiatic faunas.

The collections

The Division of Molluscs is divided into two major collections, housed in separate ranges. The collection consists of ~105,000 catalogued lots, mainly composed of North American freshwater mussels. The collection is among the largest in the world for freshwater Mollusca. Computers in each range link to central bivalve and gastropod databases. 

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The Museum of Biological Diversity, including the Mollusc Division, houses research collections. As such they do not have the extensive displays and dioramas found in most public museums. Nevertheless, we are happy to show the collection and answer any questions. Contact us to arrange for a tour.

Contact us. Watters.1@osu.edu or Byrne.88@osu.edu
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