Working in the herbarium, the field and the lab, our projects often combine spatio-temporal and morphological data from herbarium specimens and our field collections with trees derived from DNA sequence data to understand historical patterns among and within species. These projects are often collaborative with researchers at other institutions and combine graduate and undergraduate student participation here at OSU. We regularly attend national and international meetings to share our work and interact with other researchers.


John V. Freudenstein, PhD (Cornell, 1992); Professor of Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology, Director of the OSU Herbarium -- systematics of Orchidaceae, basal Ericaceae, theory and methods of systematics

Mael G. Glon, MS; PhD student (co-advised with Dr. Meg Daly); systematics of crayfish, especially burrowing crayfish of North America

Ashley R. Keesling, BS; Masters student; Species delimitation in Monotropa (Ericaceae)

Lei Zuo, MS; PhD student; working on phylogeny and species circumscription in Asarum, especially east Asian sect. Heterotropa



Craig F. Barrett, PhD (PhD student; now a faculty member at West Virginia University)

Michael B. Broe, PhD2 (PhD student; now a postdoc at OSU with Dr. Lisle Gibbs)

Christina Daragan, BS (Undergrad researcher)

Emily R. Feldenkris, BS (Undergrad researcher; now working in a state forensics lab)

Ryan A. Folk, PhD (PhD student; now postdoc at University of Florida)

Austin Glasser, BS (Undergrad researcher; now a medical student at Univ. of Toledo)

Mingjuan Huang, PhD (PhD student; now a market research analyst for Abbott Laboratories)

Shawn E. Krosnick, PhD (PhD student; now a faculty member at Tennessee Tech. Univ.)

Julie Morris, PhD (MS student; now a biology instructor at Armstrong Atlantic State University)

Jeffrey P. Rose, MS (MS student; now a PhD student at University of Wisconsin)

Erik P. Rothacker, PhD (PhD student; now a faculty member at Columbus's Metro School)

Mark P. Simmons, PhD  (Postdoc; now a faculty member at Colorado State University)

Brandon T. Sinn, PhD (PhD student; now postdoc at West Virginia University)