Andrew F. Heckler


Department of Physics

Ohio State University

191 West Woodruff Ave

Columbus, OH 43210-1117

Phone: 614-688-3048

Fax: 614-292-7557





Selected Publications


Most Current CV


OSU Physics Education Research Group


OSU Center for Cognitive Science


Research interests:

Physics Education and Cognitive Science

- Identification and description of student difficulties with physics

- Fundamental origins of student difficulties with scientific concepts

- Learning and the transfer of learning

- Implicit vs. explicit processes involved in answering physics questions

- Computer-based learning of basic STEM skills

- Abstract and concrete representations

- Evolution and hierarchy of student understanding of physics

- Role of diagrams in physics learning/problem solving

- Grades and grading practices


Materials Science Engineering Education

- Identification and description of student difficulties with materials science engineering

- Development of instructional materials (Link to MSE Tutorials)


Cosmology/Particle Astrophysics (I am not currently active in this area)

- Phase Transitions in the very early Universe

- Emergent radiation spectrum from evaporating Black Holes

- Properties of plasmas in the early universe and astrophysical objects

Some of my Cosmology/Astrophysics papers can be found in the Astrophysics Archive under my name, or here.