Hi there! I'm Michael Horst---I'm a sixth-year PhD student in Mathematics at The™ Ohio State University! My advisor is Niles Johnson, and I will be graduating in May 2020. Previously I studied mathematics and music composition at Arizona State University.

Previous/current/future students: please feel free to contact me and say hi or ask me questions about math!

My main area of research is Category Theory, often referred to as "The Mathematics of Mathematics". So far my work tends to focus on higher algebra, such as studying the effects on algebraic structures when equality is replaced with higher-dimensional data. For instance, instead of simply having that $5+3 = 3+5$, one instead has $5+3\cong3+5$ where the "$=$" has been replaced with some chosen process recognizing that $5+3$ and $3+5$ evaluate to the same number. We can then have equalities of different processes, or even have processes between processes! The fun never ends~

More specifically, my current thesis work involves a categorification of group cohomology. If you're unsure what those words mean in that order, feel free to sift through some of the info posted here for more details.