OSU Conference on Linguistic Pedagogy. Jan 15-16th, 2010

7th Annual Martin Luther King Day Linguistics Symposium (MLK7)


January 15-16, 2010
Keynote Speaker:  Kirk Hazen, West Virginia University
Organized by Hope C. Dawson & Brian D. Joseph, OSU

Registration is $25.00. RSVP by email to Brian Joseph.

Parking information : Those driving to the conference can park in one of two conveniently located parking garages that accommodate visitor parking -- the 12th Avenue garage and the Neil Avenue garage (click here for an annotated visitor's map of OSU with these key sites (and others) marked: http://"http://www.ling.ohio-state.edu/~bjoseph/mlk/map_1color.pdf) ); both are a few hundred yards from the conference venue, Jennings Hall (#014 on the map). Parking passes usable in the garages can be purchased at the conference registration for $5.



Linguistics is a still relatively “new” discipline as far as the academy is concerned, and has not yet progressed to the stage at which it has its own allied field of “linguistics education” and in that sense is unlike older, more established fields such as mathematics or art (cf. the existence of departments/programs of Math Education or Art Education at many universities).  Still, publications in the area of linguistic education are to be found in articles and reviews in our journals from time to time (e.g. review articles in Language such as Ladd 1982 (vol. 58, 890-6) or Nevis & Stonham 1999 (vol. 75, 801-9), and the “Teaching American Speech” pedagogy section of American Speech (vol. 84.2 (2009)), and books have been written on the subject (e.g. Wray, Trott, & Bloomer 1998 (Projects in Linguistics)).  And informally, one can observe discussions in the halls and offices of most linguistics departments focusing on the techniques of explaining our field to undergraduate novices, to graduate student linguists-in-training, and even the public at large. 


To promote awareness of linguistic pedagogy, the Department of Linguistics at The Ohio State University has for the past 8 years held an annual lecture on this subject, inviting a leading figure in our field known for teaching excellence and innovation.  In connection with the 2010 Pedagogy Lecture, to be given by Dr. Hazen, and to give further prominence to our belief in the importance of paying attention to educational practices in linguistics, we are convening a conference on linguistic pedagogy, to be held on January 15-16, 2010.