The Holography Handbook, written by Fred Unterseher, Jeannene Hansen and Bob Schlesinger, is still the best How To Holography Book for the beginning or intermediate holographer. This book is a do-it-first, ask questions later book. You are taken through building or acquiring all necessary equipment, setting it up, and then using it to make all kinds of holograms. Then, you are run through a bit of theory, which can be easier to understand if you've actually done the work yourself.

The theory section is light and easy to read, in keeping with the style of the whole book. This book is an excellent practical companion to other textbooks for use in the classroom.

Later sections of the book discuss holography as art as well as the broader implications of how the process can be utilized conceptually to explain the workings of various natural phenomena.

Consider this book a tool, or simply a means towards developing a personal approach to the medium. The holographer's experience is truly evolutionary in nature and we hope this book will prove a valuable companion throughout the process, whether it be during the early stages, or with advanced work.



  • Optics Table Construction
  • The Darkroom
  • Optical Component Construction>
  • Purchasing Materials
  • Recording Materials
  • Suggested Kits
  • Supplier's Addresses


  • Making Holograms
  • Single Beam Holography
  • Split Beam Holography
  • Image Plane Holography


  • Overview
  • Advanced Equipment Needed
  • Transmission Master Holograms
  • Reflection Holograms
  • Image Plane Holograms
  • Rainbow Holograms
  • Open Aperture Holograms
  • Other Advanced Holograms
  • Theory
  • Art and Holography
  • Philosophy


The cost of the Holography Handbook is just $33 USD.

For that small investment, you can put your foot on the path of combining Science and Art. Even today, there are only several hundred Holographers worldwide. Compare that to photography. There is always room in the world for another Holographer, especially a good one. One needn't be a scientist. Many of the world's best holographers come from an art or photography background, and have very little scientific experience. On the other hand, the path of Holography can lead one to many other interests in the fields of physics, optics, lasers, and photo-chemistry.


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