Art 3201: Holography I

Course Description:
Introduction to three-dimensional laser holography as an artistic tool in art and science. Students learn the basics of techniques of 3D imaging making and apply them to create and display holograms.

Course Objectives:
This course will introduce and encourage exploration of holography as an artistic and scientific tool. The student will create and evolve three-dimensional holographic imagery using created and found objects to produce an artistic experience for the viewer.

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will:
    - understand the basic science concepts and techniques of holography
    - understand the basics of creating artistic imagery using holography
    - learn key events and personnel in the history of holography

The Holography Handbook by Unterseher, Hansen and Schlesinger
Practical Holography by Outwater and Hamersveld

Reading List:
H.J. Caufield, The Applications of Holography
G. Dowbenko, Homegrown Holography
T. Jeong, Holography