Holography is a technique which allows the recording and playback of three-dimensional images that offer the viewer the advantages of perspective, parallax, form and content. The word holography is derived from the greek root meaning entire picture. A Hologram is created when information about a scene is recorded in a very special way; holograms do not store visual images like ordinary photographs. Without the proper illumination a hologram appears blank. However, when illuminated properly the scene can be recreated in three dimensions. What is observed is not a psychological effect; this means that the light arriving from the hologram into the viewers eyes is physically the same as the light that was emitted from the original scene. For a more in depth discussion of holography please click here.
News and Events
Honors Holography offered Spring 2021
  One section of honors holography Phy 3201H will be offered in Spring 2021. For information: 292-2403 or 292-7537. (12/1/20)
Honors Holography offered Fall 2019
  Two sections of honors holography Phy 3201H will be offered in Fall 2019. For information call: 292-7331. (6/1/19)
Apr 2019, May 2019 Holography Workshops at OSU
  The NY Center for the Holographic Arts and OSU Holography Program announce two beginning workshops at OSU in Apr and May 2019. Additional information and application here. (1/7/19)
HoloCenter moves Laser Studio to OSU
  The NY Center for the Holographic Arts has moved its pulse laser studio to OSU. The new lab will open in Wi 2012. (8/15/11)
2005 Holography Show at OSU
  Holography exhibition catalogue for Translating Solids which took place in Hopkins Hall Gallery at The Ohio State University from February 28th to March 16th is now online. (9/22/05)
Animated gif movies of holograms
  Matt Derksen, Dennis Schaub and Harris Kagan developed the process shown here by which holograms can be displayed by any web browser. (11/15/03)

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