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Physics 2300 -- Autumn 2020

Welcome to the Physics 2300 home page!


  • The nerve center for the course is Carmen. This page exists just to make some things more convenient, but no longer aspires to be the nerve center.


  • Tuesday 25 August: term begins on Zoom
  • ...
  • Tuesday 24 November: one Zoom class this week, as the campus empties
  • Wednesday 25 November: Zoom class from off campus
  • Tuesday-Friday 1-4 December: one last week of Zoom

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*General Information about Physics 2300

Course title:
Physics 2300: Intermediate Mechanics (part 1)
Introduction to Classical Mechanics by D. Morin (available as an ebook)
Basic Training in Mathematics by Shankar
Topics to be covered:

  • Vectors and Kinematics
  • Foundations of Newtonian Mechanics
  • Momentum, Work, and Energy
  • Conservative and Nonconservative Forces
  • Angular Momentum
  • Orbital mechanics
  • Also ... some math methods
  • and introduction to Mathematica
    Meeting Schedule:
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 10.20am or 11.30am by Zoom
    Labor Day, Mon Sept 7
    Veterans Day, Mon Nov 11
    Thanksgiving break, Th-Fri Nov 26-27
    Grade Weighting:
    Weekly homework [45%]
    Bi-weekly online quizzes+final [55%]
    Dr. Gregory Kilcup
    office: (M2030 Physics Research Building)
    email: kilcup.1@osu.edu
    phone: 946-0276
    Office Hours: 1-2pm most afternoons on Zoom.
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    Homework will normally be due on Wednesday night by submission of a PDF file to Carmen. For those using tablets this should be no problem. For those using good old paper, a scanner is best, but there are phone apps (e.g. CamScanner, demo) which turn photos of your pages in to more readable scan-like PDFs. Other weekly assigments will include online Essential Skills drills (essentialskills.osu.edu).

    *Handouts and Software

    *Video lectures

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