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Physics 2301 -- Spring 2019

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*General Information about Physics 2301

Course title:
Physics 2301: Intermediate Mechanics (part 2)
Introduction to Classical Mechanics by D. Morin (available as an ebook)
Basic Training in Mathematics by Shankar (first few chapters available as Google preview)
Topics to be covered:

  • Vector Angular Momentum
  • Rigid Body motion
  • Accelerated Frames
  • Relativity
  • Oscillations, including damping, driving and coupling
  • More math methods (linear algebra, complex numbers, Fourier series)
  • and more with Mathematica
    Meeting Schedule:
    Lecture: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11.30am-12.25pm in room Scott Lab E0001
    PALET room sesssions: Friday at your choice of 10.20/11.30/12.40 in Smith 2017
    Holidays this term: MLK Day (Mon Jan 15), Spring Break (Mon-Fri, Mar 12-16)
    Grade Weighting:
    Assigned problems [30%]
    Midterm #1 [20%]: Wednesday Feb 13 7.30pm in Scott E0001 and E0004
    Midterm #2 [20%]: Thursday Mar 21 7.30pm in Smith 1153
    Final [30%]: Friday April 26, noon in Smith 1153
    Prof. Gregory Kilcup
    office: M2030 Physics Research Building
    email: kilcup.1@osu.edu
    phone: 946-0276
    Office Hours: most afternoons in Smith 1011/1094, especially when homework is due.
    Undergrad Tutors:
    Dhvanil Desai (desai.329)
    Stephen Gant (gant.43)
    Jiasheng He (he.1326)
    Parker Hunt (hunt.777)
    David Liu (liu.2101)
    Ian Osborne (osborne.415)
    Lucas Smith (smith.10444)
    Em Sowles (sowles.2)
    Charles Woodrum (woodrum.27)
    Bill Zhou (zhou.2723)
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    *Problem Sets

    As last term, homework will be due by upload of a PDF file to Carmen. Late homework will be accepted for one week after the due date. Everyone gets two unexcused lates, and one free pass. Everyone can earn a second free pass by completing a physics education research survey (details will arrive by email).

    *Handouts and Links

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    *Video mini-lectures

    Here is a growing collection of mini-lectures meant to supplement the things we go over in class.
    Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.
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