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Physics 263 -- Spring 2012

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    No class on Tuesday May 22, in light of the Physics Picnic. But we'll definitely meet on Friday (May 25).

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*General Information about Physics 263

Course title:
Physics 263: Particles and Waves 3
Basic Training in Mathematics by R. Shankar (Plenum, ISBN 0-3064-5036-4)
And also last term's Introduction to Classical Mechanics by D. Morin (available as an ebook)
Meeting Schedule:
Published schedule: MTWRF at 11.30am (in SM 1009)
Actual schedule: 3 days at 11.30am in SM1009 (MTW)
Small group activity day: R (in SM 1094) at either 10.30, 11.30 or 12.30
Homework dojo: F (in SM1011/SM1094)
Grade Weighting:
Assigned problems [30%]
One midterm [30%] Friday May 4
Final [40%] Thursday June 7 @ 11.30am (per official schedule), but also available on Monday June 4
Prof. Gregory Kilcup
office: M2030 PRB
email: kilcup@physics.ohio-state.edu
phone: 946-0276
Andrew Dougherty (dougherty.63@osu.edu)

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*Problem Sets

Homework will normally be due by 5pm Friday in the box in 1011.


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