Courses for 2021-2022
Stat 6801: Statistical Theory I (Fall)
GRTDA 5402: Data Analytics Foundations II (Spring)

Courses Taught Previously
Stat 6201: Mathematical Statistics
Stat 7605/PUBHBIO 8235: Adv Regression Modeling of Time-to-Event Data
Stat 6910: Applied Statistics I
Stat 3460: Principles of Statistics for Engineers
Stat 3202: Intro to Statistical Inference for Data Analytics
Stat 8605: Advanced Survival Analysis
Stat 832: Applied Probability Models
Stat 421: Intro to Mathematical Statistics II
Stat 245L/218/2480: Statistics for the Life Sciences
Stat 6605: Survival Analysis
Stat 882: Intro to Stochastic Differential Equations (with Radu Herbei)
Stat 882: Statistical Phylogenetics (with Dennis Pearl) (Course website)
EEOB 6330: Phylogenetic Methods (with John Freudenstein)
EEOB 881: Seminar in Evolution (with Lisle Gibbs and Paul Fuerst)
EEOB 881: Seminar in Evolution (with Andi Wolfe and Paul Fuerst)
EEOB 8896.15: Current Topics in Mathematical Pop Gen (with Paul Fuerst)
EEOB 8896.15: Current Topics in Mathematical Population Genetics

Stat 345: Intro to Mathematical Statistics
Stat 472/572: Sampling Theory
Stat 531: Statistical Genetics I
Stat 532: Statistical Genetics II
Stat 574: Survival Analysis
Stat 434/534: Contingency Tables
Stat 590: Statistical Computing