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LungFei Lee

Ph.D. University of Rochester
Theoretical econometrics

Phone: 614-292-5508
Office: 475 Arps Hall 

LungFei Lee, University Chaired Professor, joined the department in 2000.

Curriculum Vitae

Recent Working Papers:

"Near Unit Root in the Spatial Autoregressive Model," with Jihai Yu, December 2007.

"Individual Outcomes with Group Effects: The Impact of Gaming on Employment of American Indians," with Patricia Reagan and Robert J. Gitter, July 2007.

"Binary Choice Models with Social Interactions under Heterogeneous Rational Expectations," with Ji Li and Xu Lin, September 2007.

"Quasi-Maximum Likelihood Estimators For Spatial Dynamic Panel Data With Fixed Effects When Both n and T Are Large: A Nonstationary Case," with Jihai Yu and Robert de Jong, August 2007.

"Dynamic Discrete Choice Models with Lagged Social Interactions: with an Application to a Signaling Game Experiment," with Xiaodong Liu and John Kagel, June 2006.

"A C(alpha)-type Gradient Test in the GMM Approach," July 2005.

"Classical Inference with ML and GMM Estimates with Various Rates of Convergence," June 2005

"Asymptotic Distributions Of Quasi-Maximum Likelihood Estimators for Spatial Autoregressive Models", and Appendix, April 2004.

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