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Yoonkyung Lee Students

Former Ph.D. Students

  1. Tayler Blake, Ph.D., 2018
    Nonparametric Covariance Estimation for Longitudinal Data

  2. Liubo Li, Ph.D., 2017 (co-advised with Vince Vu)
    Trend-Filtered Projections for Principal Component Analysis
    Now at ZestFinance, Los Angeles, CA.

  3. Jieyi Jiang, Ph.D., 2017 (co-advised with Steve MacEachern)
    Realistic Predictive Risk: The Role of Penalty and Covariate Diffusion in Model Selection
    Now at Amazon, Seattle, WA.

  4. Andrew Landgraf, Ph.D., 2015 (Whitney Research Award Winner)
    Generalized Principal Component Analysis: Dimensionality Reduction through the Projection of Natural Parameters
    Now at Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, OH.

  5. John Lewis, Ph.D., 2014 (Craig Cooley Memorial Prize Winner, co-advised with Steve MacEachern)
    Bayesian Restricted Likelihood Methods
    Now at Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM.

  6. Zhiyu Liang, Ph.D., 2014
    Eigen-Analysis of Kernel Operators for Nonlinear Dimension Reduction and Discrimination
    Now at MUFG Union Bank in San Francisco, CA.

  7. Rui Wang, Ph.D., 2012
    Comparisons of Classification Methods in Efficiency and Robustness
    Now at Nationwide Insurance, Columbus, OH.

  8. Kazuki Uematsu, Ph.D., 2012
    Statistical Consistency of Ranking: Bipartite and Multipartite Cases
    Now at Chemitox, Japan.

  9. Cong Liu, Ph.D., 2012 (co-advised with Tao Shi)
    Two Tales of Variable Selection for High Dimensional Data: Screening and Model Building
    Now at American Express, New York, NY.

  10. Yoonsuh Jung, Ph.D., 2010 (co-advised with Steve MacEachern)
    Regularization of Case Specific Parameters: A New Approach for Improving Robustness and/or Efficiency of Statistical Methods
    Now Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, Korea University, Korea.

  11. Youlan Rao, Ph.D., 2009 (co-advised with Jason Hsu)
    Statistical Analysis of Microarray Experiments in Pharmacogenomics
    Now at United Therapeutics, Research Triangle Park, NC.

  12. Yonggang Yao, Ph.D., 2008 (Whitney Research Award Winner)
    Statistical Applications of Linear Programming for Feature Selection via Regularization Methods
    Now Research Statistician/Software Developer, STAT Group at SAS Institute, Cary, NC.

  13. Zhenhuan Cui, Ph.D., 2007 (SAS Summer Fellowship Recipient)
    The Solution Paths of Multicategory Support Vector Machines: Algorithm and Applications
    Now Research Statistician, Enterprise Miner R & D department at SAS Institute, Cary, NC.

Current Ph.D. Students

  1. Jiae Kim

  2. Shanshan Tu (co-advised with Yunzhang Zhu)

  3. Jianhao Zhang

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