• Design 6400: Graduate Design Studio, DRD section (AU17-19)
  • Design 4650: Collaborative Design Studio (SP19-20)
  • ACCAD 5102: Programming Concepts for Artists and Designers (SU17, SP18-20)


  • ACCAD 4101/7101: Performance and Installation Technologies (SP13-17), co-taught with Alex Oliszewski in SP13
  • ACCAD 7104: Procedural Animation (SU14/16)
  • Design 797: Designing Responsive Historical Environments (AU11), co-taught with Jeff Haase (Design) and David Staley (History)
  • ARTSCOL 763: Procedural Animation (SU09-10,12)
  • ARTSCOL 694AZ/758: Performance and Installation Technologies (SP04-12)
  • Dance 692: New Ground (SP06), co-taught with Norah Zuniga Shaw (Dance/ACCAD)
  • ARTSCOL 755: Advanced Digital Cinematography (AU02-03, WI05-06)
  • ARTSCOL 762: Virtual Environments (WI98-02), co-taught with Peter Gerstmann in WI02
  • Art 894.12: Digital Lighting (SP00)
  • Art 752: Computer Animation (SP97)
  • Art 894Z12: Procedural Animation (AU94, WI95-97)