Evolving Images with a Layered Parametric Procedural Shader

Pix from the Dissertation

[UPDATE: 01.09.10]

2D Evolved Populations and Individuals on spheres and grids with displacement or bump mapping

[UPDATE: 01.08.27]

New progress... these are unevolved random populations.

[UPDATE: 01.05.08] Working on this again... some initial new populations are here.

The images below were generated from a single three layer RenderMan shader with approximately 250 control parameters. These parameters were set by a Perl-based interactive genetic algorithm. The shader is constructed as two regular grids of primitive shapes composited over a background. The visual qualities (e.g. form, position, color, etc.) of the patterns and shapes, as well as the color of the background, were modified with noise.

I've assembled a virtual gallery containing the work below.

Mating the first two upper-left images:

Mutating the upper left image:

Final evolved images (RenderMan):

An initial population:

(click for high-rez)

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