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Evolutionary Image Gallery

This virtual gallery was built for Quake III Arena with Q3Radiant to display the images evolved by software I'm developing. The software uses a genetic algorithm, a RenderMan shader, and a network of PCs and SGIs. For additional examples of aesthetic evolutionary design see my AED page.

Download the gallery: fish_gallery15.zip (733k)

  • Unzip fish_gallery15.zip into your baseq3 folder
  • Start Quake III Arena
  • Select gallery from the available levels
  • If you like, turn off your gun and HUD:
    • Press the '~' key to enter the console
    • type: /cg_drawGun 0
    • type: /cg_draw2d 0
    • Press the '~' key to exit the console


Thanks to Pete for design inspiration...

Quake III Arena and some textures shown in above screenshots created by id Software, Inc. Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc.