New Ground 1: Interactive Performance

Dance 692
Winter 2006
TR 230-430pm
Call No. 20222-8
05 credits

Norah Zuniga-Shaw
Matthew Lewis

The New Ground cycle is an advanced seminar that fosters innovation and the creation of new knowledge in the engagement of the body with emerging technologies (in theater, dance, music, art, design, computing, communications and other allied fields). The specific subject of study varies each year as new opportunities and technologies become available. In year one of the New Ground Cycle we will be focusing on interactive performance or the engagement between the body, interactive media technologies, and performance.

The first quarter of the New Ground cycle is an introduction to creative concepts in interactive performance. We will draw extensively from theories and practices in dance and theater improvisation, architecture, multimedia, the visual arts, and computer science. Combined with a philosophical dimension this initial research into artistic concepts in the body/mind/space/technology continuum will prepare the student for a series of collaborative experiments in new collaborative artistic practices during Spring quarter.


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