Assignment 1: Infrastructure

Model an object consisting of six to twenty polygons.
(...not an environment, not several objects, not an object on a table, no animation. Think milk carton, walkman...)

Use an IndexedFaceSet and completely texture it, using only one 256x256 image file, containing multiple subtextures. Handcraft your texture coordinates. Do not use a modeller to generate your texture coordinates. Use a text editor and some paper. You must specify texture coordinates. Do not use the default texture mapping. Do not use a different IndexedFaceSet node for each separate polygon.

Example: Book by Meg Geroch --- texture map

Hand in your assignment (and all associated files) in mlewis/HTML/VRML/Class/2002, in the subdirectory with your username, in the directory Hw1. Create a web page called hw1.html that shows both your texture map and your vrml object (look at the source code of this web page to see how to do this if you're unsure. Note that if you use a PNG file for your texture, you can create a JPG version for display in the web page as was done for the example above.) Pay attention to capitalization in file and directory names. Test the link from the student work web page and make sure there are no problems. Make sure your vrml file will work correctly on the machine we will be using in class.

Due date: 1/15, before class.