Assignment 3: Texturing

Completely texture the object you modeled for assignment #2, matching as closely as possible your reference images. Use only one or two 256x256 textures. Your grade will be based primarily on how well you demonstrate communication of geometric detail with texture, efficient use of texture space (minimizing wasted space and appropriate proportional representation). Stretching and visible seams should be avoided. Careful placement of recognizeable features will be rewarded. Ambiguous textures (e.g. raw noise, tiny fur, etc) will not.

Hand in your assignment (and all associated files) in mlewis/HTML/VRML/Class/2002, in the subdirectory with your username, in the directory Hw3. Create a web page called hw3.html that shows your reference image(s), your embedded vrml file, and your texture map(s). Note that if you use a PNG file for your texture, you can create a JPG version for display in the web page.) Pay attention to capitalization in file and directory names. Test the link from the student work web page and make sure there are no problems. Make sure your vrml file will work correctly on the machine we will be using in class.

Game examples: SargeMap (id Software, Inc.), Sarge (id Software, Inc.), Unreal (Epic Games, Inc.)

Due 1/31, before class.