Assignment 4: Building an Environment

Construct an environment using as many of the nodes and techniques we have talked about as possible. Remember 1 unit = 1 meter.

Your total initial download should be less than 150k. Your frame rate should stay above 15 fps. As always, your grade will be based on visual complexity, file size, frame rate, novel use of techniques, effort, and degree of awe.

Additionally, the following issues will be considered:

(Please do not attempt to create an environment which disorients and confuses the viewer.)

Hand in your assignment (and all associated files) in mlewis/HTML/VRML/Class/2002, in the subdirectory with your username, in the directory Hw4. Create a web page called hw4.html that shows your vrml environment. Pay attention to capitalization in file and directory names. Test the link from the student work web page and make sure there are no problems. Make sure your vrml file will work correctly on the machine we will be using in class.

Due date: 2/19, before class.