Week 8

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Procedural Animation

Encapsulated Models (See Stephen Forrest May. Encapsulated Models: Procedural Representations for Computer Animation. PhD thesis, The Ohio State University, March 1998.)
IK Spider Leg

Behavioral Animation
Updating Position (Box Chaser) - box chases cursor
Updating Direction (Cone Chaser) - cone chases cursor
Instancing Multiple Actors - cones chase cursor
Static Obstacle Avoidance - box goes to goal
Dynamic Avoidance - boxes go to center, avoid each other
Dynamic Avoidance (w/Turn Limits) - cones attracted to center, avoid each other
Breaking Stable States (sharks) - same as previous, but with random speeds/turns
Basic Herding/Flocking/Schooling - cones chase cursor
Dynamic Actor State (playing tag) - red is "it", no tap backs

Finite State Machines (A Poor Man's AI)
Simple Memory - avoids until touched 3 times, then chases
Complex State Change Rules - speed and direction of cursor movement considered

Perl for VRML

Offline Data Generation
City Example
Data Viz (usage example)

Mark Pesce's Web Earth
Pesce talks about "Cron"
Web Cam
Clock/Calendar (note: vrmlscript has no "Date" object)
Mailbox Flag
Discussion Tracking

Cgi-bin Scripting
Dante's Inferno
Persistent Data (graffiti example)
Modeling on Demand
System queries
Multiuser Hack

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