Matthew Lewis is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Design at The Ohio State University. He holds a joint appointment with the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD) in OSU’s College of Arts and Sciences. He is additionally one of the core faculty at the Translational Data Analytics Institute (TDAI).

Dr. Lewis works at the intersection of emerging technologies, computer graphics, and generative design, creating visualizations, art works, and digital tools. He has taught creative coding, interactive performance and installation technologies, virtual environments, 3D animation, digital lighting, and procedural animation.


  • Emerging Technologies
  • Generative Design
  • Computer Graphics


  • PhD, Computer Information Science, 2001

    The Ohio State University

  • BSE, Computer Science Engineering, 1991

    University of Pennsylvania

  • BA, Philosophy, 1991

    University of Pennsylvania




  • ACCAD 7104: Procedural Animation (SU14, SU16, AU22)
  • Design 6400: Graduate Design Studio (AU17-AU22)
  • Design 4650/5650: Collaborative Design Studio (SP19-SP22)
  • ACCAD 5102: Programming Concepts and Applications for Artists and Designers (SU17, SP18-SP22)


  • ACCAD 4101/7101: Performance and Installation Technologies (SP13-18), co-taught w/Alex Oliszewski SP13
  • Design 797: Designing Responsive Historical Environments (AU11), co-taught with Jeff Haase (Design) and David Staley (History)
  • ARTSCOL 763: Procedural Animation (SU09-10,12)
  • ARTSCOL 694AZ/758: Performance and Installation Technologies (SP04-12)
  • Dance 692: New Ground (SP06), co-taught with Norah Zuniga Shaw (Dance/ACCAD)
  • ARTSCOL 755: Advanced Digital Cinematography (AU02-03, WI05-06)
  • ARTSCOL 762: Virtual Environments (WI98-02), co-taught with Peter Gerstmann in WI02
  • Art 894.12: Digital Lighting (SP00)
  • Art 752: Computer Animation (SP97)
  • Art 894Z12: Procedural Animation (AU94, WI95-97)


Digital Humanities Prototyping

Visualizing DH futures

Silent Film AR

Walking into a movie frame

Data Art

AR in Pomerene Hall


AR planting and sensor data

Virtual School

Prototyping VR classroom

Gradient Ease

Generative drawing

Virtual Spaces from 360° Photos

Modeling and texturing process

TDAI Meeting Room

VR IoT prototyping

Virtual Dojo

WebXR space

Technology System Evolution

Navigating possibility spaces

Emerging Tech Design Library

Electronics for students

Humane Object Agency

IoT VR performance

Seeding Sullivant

Historical locative media

Woven Text

Procedural 3D typography

Torrence 6-36-86

360 video dance installation

Vehicle Test Course Visualization

Parametric road tools


Visualizing animals


Theatrical projection mapping

Interactive Evolutionary Design

Genetic algorithm 3D framework

3D Printed Data Sculpture

Visualizing history

Motion Bank: Two

Choreographer infoVis

Columbus Bicentennial Digital Exhibits

Interactive video projection

Reading the Code: Genetic Literacy

Genetic literacy system

Wireless VR

Mocap framework

Gesture Map

Printed concept space

Jane: Diary of a Dinosaur

Visualization exhibit

Synchronous Objects

Visualize choreography

Laban Floor Plans

Generate choreography


Sound volume dance

Processing Spheres

Minimal sketches

String Drawings

Interactive particles


Typographic forms

Video Filter Evolution

Interactive realtime video


Interactive dance installation

Memory Lattice

Photo/text grid installation

Sleep Deprivation Chamber

Theatrical interactive video


Mocap photo album

Boccaccio Theatre Project

Set design visualization in quake

Finger spelling

Web3D interactive hands

Image Population

Evolved color grid

Virtual Theatre

Web3D stage simulation


GAs and data flow networks

Visual Aesthetic Evolutionary Design

Online community resource


Generative postscript drawings


Procedural VFX animation

Conversation and Other Noises

Web3D animated stick figures

Viento Nasa Simulation

Dataflow interfaces

Processing of Perception

Computer graphics exhibition

Recent Talks

Transforming Silent Film Frames into 3D Scenes for Augmented Reality

Reconstructing Silent Film Spaces for AR

Emerging Applications and Challenges for Virtual Campus Spaces

Photo modeling progress and problems

Technology Prototyping in Virtual Campus Environments

XR strategy for design education

Emerging Technology System Evolution

Interactive genetic algorithms and network diagrams

A Framework for Introducing Emerging Technologies in Design Studio Classes

Abstract space visualization and experiential prototyping