Humane Object Agency

computer graphics VR apartment: chair, lamp, TV, fridge

A week-long Humane Technologies Pop-up Event was held at ACCAD as part of the Humane Technologies Discovery Theme.

Dance students embodied the roles of communicating IoT devices, exploring the possibility space of system agency. As IoT species converse with other smart objects and networked systems, what might such devices be “talking” about? One participant was immersed in a VR apartment environment, experiencing representations of the connected devices communicating around them. They could see that a smart TV, smart refrigerator, and smart couch were all observing aspects of their environment, and “doing their job” whatever that might be. What would this be like to live in such a space? Embodying this simulation/performance helped us to contemplate aspects of such emerging technologies and trends in ways we might not have otherwise considered.

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Faculty Collaborators:

Hardware/Software Development:

  • Skylar Wurster (Computer Science undergraduate student)
  • J Eisenmann (ACCAD/CS alum / Adobe Research)
  • Kien Hoang (Design MFA)
  • Ben Schroeder (ACCAD/CS alum / Google Research)
  • Jonathan Welch (Design MFA)
  • Isla Hansen (ACCAD/Art faculty)
Matthew Lewis
Matthew Lewis
Assistant Professor

My research interests include emerging technologies, generative design, and computer graphics.