Synchronous Objects

3 monitors and artwork on a museum wall; sculpture in foreground Wexner Center, 2009

From 2007 to 2009 I worked with Maria Palazzi, Norah Zuniga Shaw, William Forsythe, and a team of students and faculty developing Synchronous Objects for One Flat Thing, reproduced.

I served as the Generative Designer for the project.


I created to the following three procedural animations using Houdini:

Video Analysis

I generated the following visualizations from an overhead performance video using Max/Jitter:

colorful painterly detailed trails
Difference Forms
trails of dots like ant trails accumulated in red and yellow
Difference Marks
black void paths throug tiny white dots
Noise Void
galaxy like cluster of dots with some red clusters
Center Sketch

Generative Drawing Tool

I programmed a java-based web tool (with Michael Andereck) which allows generative agents to draw based on interactively adjusted parameters which in turn could be controlled by data channels derived from analyzed dancer behavior.

big colorful shapes and trails with tiny black squiggles on grey background