Technology System Evolution

system diagram

Lewis, M. (2020). Emerging Technology System Evolution. In J. Romero, A. Ekárt, T. Martins, & J. Correia (Eds.), Artificial Intelligence in Music, Sound, Art and Design (pp. 66–79). Springer International Publishing.

Abstract. This paper introduces a strategy for exploring possibility spaces for creative design of emerging technology systems. These systems are represented as directed acyclic graphs with nodes representing different technologies and data or media types. The naming of system and data components is intended to be populated by a subjective, personal ontology. The source material can be simply modified by a user who wishes to explore a space of possibilities, con- strained by specific resources, to generate simple visual descriptions of systems that can be quickly browsed. These dataflow visualizations are a familiar repre- sentation to those who use visual programming interfaces for creative media processing. An interactive genetic programming based approach is used with small populations of individual designs. The system is being developed using web browser technology. A minimum functionality proof of concept system has been implemented. Next steps and current challenges are discussed.

Matthew Lewis
Matthew Lewis
Assistant Professor

My research interests include emerging technologies, generative design, and computer graphics.