Virtual Dojo

aikido dojo interior, view from mats

This creative project provided the opportunity to learn several technologies needed for other research projects.

Photogrammetry and LIDAR can create a lot of data, require cleanup, and often expensive equipment or software. A few years ago a grad student and I tried looking at panoramic modeling software, but found the interface too challenging to use.

I started looking into workflows to get from 360 photos to simple 3D textured models using my favorite 3D modeling software. I worked a bit in the summer of 2019 and returned to finish it in July 2020.

Three additional technical ideas I find exciting:

  • creating virtual spaces with HTML and Javascript (like it’s 1997 again)
  • instant VR publishing with URLs, instead of app store gatekeeping
  • standalone XR hardware that doesn’t require a gaming pc or tracking hardware

This dojo model is a snapshot of my current progress.

WebXR environment

Screen recording: iPhone AR Walkthrough:

(Actually walking around in my backyard…)

3D Model Inspection:

This work was shown in the talk “Technology Prototyping in Virtual Campus Environments” at Beyond Zoom: XR for Teaching and Research in the COVID-19 Era virtual conference held by Dartmouth College and the University of Pennsylvania on August 7, 2020.

Physical Space:

aikido dojo photo
aikido dojo photo